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The Laser Stroke Story.

Hi my name is Ted Schulze Inventor of the Laser Stroke Training Aid.Let
me tell you a little bit about myself and how I came up with the Laser Stroke. I am not a pro player but I can play a pertty good game. Back in 1983, 84, 85, and 1986 I played on a pool team in the Weber County Mens Pool League in Utah, and we took first place for each of those years. I quit playing in 1987 because my eyes were geting to the point that I was having a hard time playing pool and I wasn't geting any better so I quit playing for a long time Then in 2005 ( 18 years later ) I had laser eye surgery and now I can see better than I ever could. So I picked up a cue and started practicing again.
But I was having a hard time trying to play as good as I did before, and I knew where to aim the cue ball with or without English to make the shot. But I kept missing a lot of shots so I was pretty sure my problem was with my stroke, and is seemed like no matter how much I practiced or how hard I tried, I still could make that cue ball go where I was aiming. So I got the idea to buy one of those laser cues that has a laser coming out the center the cue tip, cost me over hundred bucks by the way. Well this didn't work too good because the laser dot projected only a few inches to the cue ball and stopped. Not far enough to give me much feedback as to what my stroking arm was doing. So I thought I would put a target dot on the wall and it would give me a lot more feedback but now with my bridge on the back rail and the target dot on the far wall I had to point my cue up and try to stroke in an awkward position. The other problem was that the laser dot was not on the centerline of the cue so if my stroke is perfectly streight the laser dot would still move side to side. The other thing is I like to have a little up-and-down motion in my stroke, which is okay by the way just watch the pros play. So now the laser dot is moving up and down and side to side. This is when I got the idea amount of vertical laser line on the cue. with the laser line now I can place the cue ball on the table still see the line projected on the target dot on the wall, so now I can also practice my warm-up stroke and then my pause and then hit the cue ball. And at the same time I can see what my stroking arm is doing. So I think I solved all of the above problems with the laser stroke. I can now shoot longshots with no fear of missing a shot. This really is an awesome product and will result in awesome gains. And if you decide to purchase one you will soon find out you are hitting the ball more solid and with more confidence, you will also find that you don't have to spend as much time practicing to get in stroke for your next tournament game.
Ted Schulze a pool player.