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1.Have you ever missed a shot but you don't know why?

2.As you stroke the cue is your arm moving from side to side?

3.Are you staying down and following straight with your cue?

4.Are you unintentionally twisting your cue in your grip?

5.Are you pointing your cue where your eyes are aiming?
(use the ghost ball aiming method).
Most Pool players have some or all of the above problems and they
don't even Know it. The person you are trying to beat can see the
flaws in your stroke, but if you think they are going to tell you
about it , you better think again.
After All they are trying to win the game and take your money.

If you really want to be a better pool player and pocket more balls
and play with more confidence with less fear and win more games
then try our new Pool and Billiards stroke training aid LASER STROKE.

See in real time what your stroking arm is doing and easily correct it.
Take your game to the next level now.

I know what most of you are thinking right now,
( Hey there's nothing wrong with my stroke ) Well you can
keep thinking that if you want to but I see pool players that have
really bad flaws in there pool stroke, but they can still play a pretty
good game. They have learned how to compensate for all the side
to side movement in there stroke by shooting thousands of balls in.
But they will always miss more shots then someone that has a
straight stroke. I see it all the time. Watch some good pool players
at your local pool hall and notice how they will stroke pretty straight
during their practice strokes but watch as they hit the ball and
follow through, most of the time they will swing there arm left or
right, but if you ask them why they are swinging there arm side to
side during each shot they will tell you i' m not doing that.

One thing that all Pro pool players have in common is a
perfectly straight stroke
. Maybe that is one of the reasons
he is a Pro.

Pool is not only a game of strategy but a game of incredible
precision. It is amazing just how accurate you have to be to make
most balls go into the pocket.

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